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Do you know which country is one of the most ideal tourist destinations in the world?
The answer is CANADA.

People from all parts of the world come to Canada as tourists to enjoy, meet their relatives, friends, for a short holiday, and much more. One of the main reasons for this is the lenient immigration policies of Canada that never fail to lure the immigrants and travelers from around the globe to Canada.

The government of Canada facilitates and encourages more and more international visitors to come to Canada as per its new Tourism Vision. It has planned to keep Canada among the top 10 international destinations in the world by 2025.

Why should you study in Canada?

Do you know that Canada is the world’s most educated country? In fact, over half of its residents have university degrees. It must be pretty interesting to be a student there then, right? Some of the top universities and colleges in the world are located in Canada, and students from all over the world come to join them. According to QS World Ranking, 7 Canadian universities are in the top 200 universities in the world.

The Canadian degrees are valued worldwide, and the cost of education in Canada is less as compared to many other global study destinations. It has world-class research opportunities and practical oriented 1-year PG and 2-year UG Diplomas. International students at the undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels can get scholarships in Canada. It is a very accommodating country that encourages multicultural diversity. Canadian college and university graduates are highly-valued on the job market. They find great jobs in any field they’re interested in.

Universities & Courses

High Ranked Universitie

  • University of Waterloo
  • University of Victoria
  • University of Guelph
  • Dalhousie University
  • Memorial University of Newfoundland

Popular Courses

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electronics/Electrical Engineering
  • Business Administration
  • Health Administration

Cost of Education in Canada C A

The expenses incurred for studying in Canada can comprise of tuition fees, living costs, insurance, etc. The universities set their own fees depending on the location, citizenship, and level of study. The average tuition fees for undergraduate diploma or degree ranges from CA$14,000 to CA$ 26,000 per year. The cost of study in Canada for a postgraduate diploma or degree ranges from CA$ 14,000 to CA$ 22,000 per year. The average cost of living in Canada varies from CA$10,000 to -15,000 per year

Documents for canada visa

The Canada Visitor Visa process requires you to meet the following criteria:

  • Passport with an expiry date that is after six months or more.
  • Documents to prove your ties to your home country.
  • Financial statements to prove you have enough funds to stay in Canada
  • An invitation letter from relatives
  • Medical clearance certificate

Eligibility Conditions

  • Applicants must have have sufficient funds to support themselves and their family throughout their stay in Canada
  • Applicants must not intend to seek or undertake a job
  • No criminal record of the applicant
  • Applicants from certain countries may need a temporary resident visa

Our Client Testimonial

See what our customers have to say about our services.

“I would like to express my profound gratitude and thanks to Ms. Sandra and Mr. Dexter for helping me get my Canada PR. There were many a times i was very impatient and called them frequently regarding the status. Sandra always maintained a positive attitude and very professionally and patiently answered all my queries promptly. Kudos to her and her team !!”

Sriram Krishnan

Canada PR

"I am so happy I found them. They were excellent in there work. Trust me they got me help get my Schengen Visa in just a week. They were so very professional. Response was so quick. Don’t waste your money and time with others."

Neela Pillay

Schengen Visa

"I met Sandra at a very tough spot in my immigration process after several agencies felt that it would be impossible for me to get a visa. But Sandra has worked really hard this past year and kept on working on my application giving me a lot of hope when times looked very bad. Just got my visa approved this past week ,thanks to all the hard work she put in my application. I would definitely recommend working with Sandra for your immigration process to move smoothly. She is definitely one of the best in the business."

Paul Fabian Raj

"Very professional, they gave the right guidance with regard to Aus Visa application and processing. Well recommend to others. Personally want to thank them for the service provided, keep going all the best & good luck moving forward."

Radha Krishnan

"I can’t thank Sandra mam enough. She put in all efforts to ensure my Canadian visa was issued even quicker than the usual IRCC processing times. Highly recommend Shamrock for all Canadian visa and PR consultations."

Alifiya Sirohiwala

"My experience with Shamrock was amazing. Prasanna mam guided me throughout the application process and was very supportive till the end. They have immense knowledge about various universities and colleges. Mam would go out of her way and work even after office hours to get things done. My VISA processing also went smooth and they guided me with all the necessary documents. I highly recommend shamrock to students who are interested in applying abroad for their studies and also for VISA processing."

Mohana Rambe

"We had an amazing experience with Shamrock in processing our student dependent Visa. They supported us right through the process and was easy reachable. The paper work was impeccable and overall we had a pleasant experience with them."

yaseer arafath

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