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Pandemic & the future of education abroad

July 10, 2020

With the current situation, students who study abroad are left with an uncertain future. They are in a state of confusion that how will they resume their studies. After this pandemic gets over, they should be ready to get a new set of rules and regulations to respond to the current situation.

At this unprecedented time, universities all over the world took every possible step to ensure that the education of a student is not hindered. They shifted towards digital classrooms quickly. They provided all possible means of support to students who are studying abroad. They helped students to continue their classes online without facing any hassles. Moreover, overseas education experts have collaborated with several universities to organize an ambit of virtual fairs where students can interact with university delegates and having all their queries solved. In short, there is no full stop to study abroad.

Steps to handle current situation:

Some classes cannot be run online. In such cases, universities are now gearing up for other options. Some universities are allowing students to switch courses if their chosen field of study does not provide an online medium. Students can commence online classes without having a negative impact on their visa status. Students are even encouraged to start their classes at the university's partner organizations in other destinations temporarily. Students are reassured that they can move back to their chosen study destination once things get normal.

Visa application:

Universities are taking all the necessary steps to make the current process smooth.  As soon as the visa and their government services resume, students can commence their study abroad dreams. Students also need to receive a green signal from their home country as well as their study abroad destination to start their education abroad.

Health of students:

In these challenging times, the real problem will begin when international students are allowed to start their courses on campus. Universities will have to take an extremely pragmatic approach to ensure students' health and safety will be looked after.

Problems faced by the university:

Universities are facing a hard time as their revenues are going to take a substantial hit due to lower student enrolment for the current intake. However, a considerable inflow of student applications is expected in the next intake period.

Courses offered:

Some students are worried about the courses offered. They assume that in an attempt to cut down the costs, there will be a decline in the number of the courses provided. Here we will say that these are only assumptions as universities are continually updating their programs according to students’ demands. They are offering courses which are demanded by students.

Support offered by universities:

Universities are offering all possible support to students. They are ensuring that the study abroad dreams of students is not hampered. They are offering several scholarships to needy students to make sure that the pandemic does not disrupt their educational prospects. You can expect a delay in the academic calendar of universities. They are also considering a hybrid of online classes and on-campus programs. They are ensuring that students join online classes for now and travel to their destination soon.

Students go for studying abroad to get ample of job opportunities. Universities are trying their best to provide students several virtual job opportunities to ensure that a significant component of the study abroad experience remains intact.

Overseas education has a high impact on the future prospects of students.

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