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Online classes: Studying abroad is possible during pandemic

July 10, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically transformed the traditional means of education. The whole world is in the lockdown, and students who are studying abroad whether returned to their homes or staying back at their study destinations. They are required to study with the help of technological facilities at their homes.

Current Scenario

In the current scenario, students need to complete their programs online only. Universities and governments are taking vital steps to make their programs feasible for international and national students until things get normal. They have also informed students that there won‘t be any unfavorable effect on their visa as they will still be eligible for the post-study work rights.

Support Offered by Universities

Several universities are offering even laptops and internet modems to support their students. They aim to provide vital support to all students to complete their courses online. These online classes are incorporating discussions to make them interactive and reciprocal.


Students feel more flexible about online classes than traditional classes. Students may even choose their preference and work according to their schedule or as per the university’s timings. It is helpful in improving their concentration and productivity. Students learn some essential skills, like time management and work management. Having a schedule at hand and working to it develop a determined approach in them.

Selection of Courses

Some courses only need classroom education and can’t be taught online. Certain universities in Canada are allowing students to switch courses. They can choose to study those courses that are offered online.


What do you need to attend an online class? Just with an internet connectivity, you are ready to go to your class. Hence, online classes are easy to attend.

Saves Time

Have you ever thought about how much time you were spending in getting to and fro from class and institution? Online class saves that precious time. You can attend these classes from the comfort of your home and invest the rest of the time doing some quality work. Just a login to study saves a considerable amount of time.

Saves Money

Online classes are significantly cheaper than the traditional medium of classes. If you are studying in Canada, then your education cost raises high with travel and accommodation expenses. But, now online classes will help you bring down the cost of your education to a considerable level.


Online classes are very interactive; it’s not one-way teaching at all.  Faculty members and students involve equally in interactive sessions. Professors conduct lectures with much enthusiasm and interest as they did with the traditional mediums. The faculty is exceptionally proactive in solving all doubts and making sure to put their best foot forward to build a better understanding of each topic.

Learning Resources

It is essential for students to know everything about learning resources. These resources are available online, which help you to have access to a lot of information.

Online Classes at Study Abroad Destinations

  • The USA is the first country that has been conducted many online courses even before the outbreak occurred. It has always been renowned for its online courses.
  • Universities in Canada are offering online courses. Students can begin their classes on their time from the comfort of their homes. These universities also assured that these online classes wouldn’t affect the Post Study Work right of students. When things go back to normal, they can attend the next semester in Canada.
  • Australian universities are expected to start their courses online to support their students to study from the comfort of their homes.
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